Stop Identity Theft in 10 Minutes!
The World’s Only Do-It-Yourself
Hard Disk Destruction Kit
What have you got to lose?

Now Revised & Expanded!
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tool pieces than the original kit!

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Where does your data go when you’re done with it?

When you buy a new computer or upgrade to a larger hard disk, your old disk still has lots of your confidential data stored on it.

The only way to absolutely stop anyone from stealing your confidential data from your old computer hard disk is to destroy the disk and data yourself with DISKSTROYER!

Common simple methods to secure confidential and valuable data by hitting a hard disk with a hammer, dropping it off of a roof or even running over it with your car are rarely, if ever complete. These techniques are of limited value and will easily leave recoverable data on your computer disk drive.

Programs that can recover your old disk data after you reformat your disk or even install a new OS are cheap and common! Even disk wipe programs can easily leave recoverable data on your hard disk leaving your data vulnerable.

DISKSTROYER gives you the confidence you need to protect your confidential and valuable data!

DISKSTROYER is the ONLY data protection kit available that allows anyone to open up their hard disk, remove the individual data platters, erase the data on the platters and then physically destroy the surface of the platters making the data 100% irrecoverable and unusable.

For only $39.97 you get a specialized 38 piece tool set and our detailed, illustrated step-by-step directions. You could waste time and money driving from store to store and spend much more for just the tools in our convenient kit!